Are you aware of your reporting obligations to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)?

A company is viewed as a separate legal entity, which is great for asset protection but unfortunately comes with a significant amount of extra reporting to the ASIC that’s required.

ASIC want to know everything about the shareholders’ address, birth history, residence and the financial position of the company itself.

If you’re not familiar with, or trained to complete these obligations, you may miss important deadlines and find the additional administration taking up more of your time that you have available.

By working with Carbon, you’ll be able to put these tasks into our capable hands and know they are being completed correctly, and on time.



To ensure you remain compliant with your obligations, we can help with:

  • Fulfilling all ASIC lodgment requirements.
  • Completing annual reviews.
  • Maintaining company records.
  • Preparation and filing of Directors Meeting Minutes.
  • Creation and lodgment of company share changes.
  • Processing company de-registrations.

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