Small business owners and administration staff often find payroll to be a daunting and stressful task. With managing multiple timesheets and awards that can change, working on payroll can be very time-consuming.

Which raises the question: Why not outsource payroll to a team of dedicated specialists? That’s where we step in.

we specialise in the following payroll services:

Payroll processing
Tracking and reporting of employee leave entitlements
Processing of superannuation
Single Touch Payroll
Preparation of termination payments
Redundancy and ETP calculations.

Our flexible payroll services allow you to choose how we can assist your business. Whether you need our payroll specialist’s assistance setting up your new payroll system for you to manage in-house, process your employee’s pay, or provide training with online payroll systems, we’ve got you covered when you outsource your payroll to RSJ Taxation.


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